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A1 Filtration System

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

Water is known to be the prime substance needed by the human body. And by marking its importance many poets have written famous poems on it too. Such as “Water, water, everywhere, but not a drop to drink”! This poem was written by Coleridge and sarcastically it is very true, irrespective of your residence. These days, pure drinking water has become a point of concern that requires the attention and commitment of everyone who wants to live a healthy life. That’s the reason you can find certain boom in the filtration system and now water Filters are certain solution to this problem.

Market is flooded with various water filters coming having array of benefits and features. But it’s A1 filtration system which are heading the list. Literally, filtration system is the process which seals complete safety and purity of water and making it fit for consuming. Now A1 filtration system has become so advanced that they can be mounted on the faucet so that the consumer can get instant clean and pure drinking water. According to the experts installation and its maintenance is the prime priority and also the points kept in mind while installing and using A1 water filtration system.

Broadly, there are two types of A1 water filtration systems. First, Point-of-Entry A1 filtration system and second is the A1 Point-of-Use filtration system. Point-of-Entry A1 filtration system normally filters the tap water when it first enters in your house through plumbing lines. The report is that the water in your house is completely filtered and made safe for drinking. But, it is safe and healthy option to filter the water before its consumption. POE A1 water filters are powerful in eliminating impurities, chlorine and chemical toxins from the water.

The second category of A1 filtration system is known as Point-of-Use A1 water filters. A1 filtration system provides pure drinking water which can be further used for cooking, irrigation and shower too. POU A1 filtration system removes all varieties of small or dissolved water impurities and chemicals, along with microbes. It is equipped with one or more of the basic water filtration system, such as filtration, reverse osmosis, and distillation. Thus, if you are health freak and want to live a healthy life then simply install A1 filtration system and get only clean water.

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Well Water Filtration Systems – Solving Well Water Problems

Saturday, February 5th, 2011

For private well owner, the well water is known to have an abundance of dissolved minerals including calcium, magnesium and iron, as well as iron bacteria. This iron bacteria, can form a gel-like slime or biofilm that captures chemicals, minerals and other particles such as sand, clays and silts which will seriously degrade the quality of well water. Improper well design or construction can cause more contamination which can be visually seen. When water appear to be cloudy, it is due the formation of more sediment, usually are the scum formation caused by excessive Calcium or Magnesium salts. Green stains on walls and well fixtures are the indication of high acidity, brown-red stain is showing the high presence of dissolved iron due to corrosion.

The taste of the well water is an indicative measure of the quality of water. Salty or brackish normally mean the content sodium is high in water, soapy taste is due to dissolved alkaline minerals, metallic taste is indicating acidity or high iron content, and chemical taste is caused by the chemicals or pesticides presence in it.

Sometimes we do sense some foul smell or bad odor from well water and this is another indicative measure of the quality of water as well. Hydrogen sulfide gas resulted from the use of sulfate in reducing bacteria will give you rotten egg odor, if detergent smell is sensed, it could be the contamination from leakage of septic tank where the chemicals used in treatment will cause foaming in the water. Decaying organic matter like body of animals that is decomposing will emit the earthy or musty odor.

A good well water filtration system is extremely important in getting rid of the above mentioned harmful contaminants, not only which can be seen, tasted and smelled by human, but more crucially the types that which are not able to be perceived or traced by human’s five senses before consuming it. There are seriously a series of effective removal need to be done before we can safely consume the contaminated well water; namely organic and chemical contaminants, bad odor and taste.

Well water filtration systems should have selective filter that removes chemical and metal contaminants while leaving in good, healthy minerals for pH balanced, great tasting water. Unlike reverse osmosis system, it will practically remove every element that is bigger than 0.001 microns, which is slightly larger than the molecule of water itself. Ideally, mechanical filtration down to .5 microns will be effective in eliminating most harmful sediments and unwanted heavy minerals.

Activated carbon blocks with Anamorphous Titanium Silicate (ATS) ion exchange resin, widely used in industrial sector, but seldom marketed in household product, is proven in its ability to remove lead and other heavy metals. It doesn’t release organic or inorganic residues such as aluminum into your water, but replaces heavy metals with potassium so your water is healthy and great tasting.

Sulfur is the main cause of most faulty odor and unbearable nuisance in the water, and the content of sulfur varies depending on the location of water source. Well water filtration systems that comprise of activated carbon and KDF, a high-purity copper-zinc granules, can remove hydrogen sulfide, iron, chlorine, heavy metals, and bacteria from water. To deal with well water that has high content of sulfur, a more dedicated filtration that cater for removing bad odor should be used instead.

The well water filtration systems must be effectively capable of removing harmful contaminants, organic or inorganic, bacteria and other Volatile Organic Compounds, not compromising on the awful taste and bad odor as well. It should not comes in separate components which make the installation a difficult task and take up more space. Compact well water filtration systems should be easy to install and always make sure the cartridges are conveniently available for replacement as this will determine the actual efficiency in its performance.

Alvyn Khoo

Portable Water Purification System – a One Time Investment for a Lifetime of Clean Water

Saturday, February 5th, 2011

Have you put off purchasing a home water filter system because you’re worried that you would lose your investment if you had to move? Well I’m here to tell you that its possible to purchase a portable water purification system, guaranteed to easily and conveniently move with you. This means that you make a one-time investment for a lifetime of clean water for your and family.

Let’s face it. With all the environmental toxins that experts are telling us are in our water, owning a water purification system is no longer a luxury. It’s is a necessity. Just doing some simple research online will yield dozens of companies that specialize in home water treatment. However, there are only a few that provide portable water purification products.

Heavy duty systems like reverse osmosis and distillation tend to be more appropriate for commercial use. When adapted for residential use, these water purification systems are still unwieldy and maintenance-intensive. Even if you weren’t looking for a portable water purification system, reverse osmosis and distillation have other drawbacks that may make you rethink the hefty investment. Both require the addition of a carbon filter that must be regularly changed, to catch synthetic chemical contaminants and parasites and bacteria that the main filters are incapable of removing. Both systems also strip out health-enhancing minerals like calcium and magnesium. The end result is expensive water that is clean, but not necessarily healthy.

Bottled water could be considered portable water purification, if it wasn’t for the fact that there is no guarantee that the water is actually pure. There are no government regulations that require bottled water to be any cleaner than tap water. The U.S. FDA has publicly stated that, “Companies that market bottled water as being safer than tap water are defrauding the American public.”

For my money, the best portable water purification system is one that uses multi-stage filtration technology. This comprehensive approach to water purification means that everything I don’t want in my water is removed and everything that I do want in my water remains untouched. I no longer have to worry about high levels of chlorine leaching heavy metals from my plumbing or creating an irritating gas in the steam from my shower.

I can also feel confident knowing that synthetic chemicals like pesticides, herbicides and agricultural runoff are not in my little girl’s glass of water. She can enjoy a safe, pure, great tasting drink of water that contains essential minerals important for the health of her teeth and bones.

You may be pleasantly surprised to learn that multi-stage filtration products come in a variety of forms designed to suit your personal needs. Over and under the counter water dispensers, shower filters and whole house filters can provide water when and where you want it. Each of these products is a portable water purification system in itself, as they are just as easy to remove as they are to install. If you need to relocate or just want to purchase a new home, your portable water purification system easily goes with you.

Make no mistake about it. A home water treatment system is an important investment that deserves serious consideration. Why not spend your hard-earned money on a system that delivers the cleanest, healthiest, best-tasting water WHEREEVER you may be. A one-time investment in portable water purification will yield a lifetime of healthy returns for you and your family.

Olivia Romero

Top Chef Secret Recipe and Health Expert Recommendation – Sink Water Filter

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

<p>If you had been cooking for a while and you are very particular about  the right ingredients selection of your favorite recipe, I am sure you understand how good quality water can help to improve the taste of the foods and drinks you served. Often we take it for granted or forget to include water as part of our ingredients in our recipe. Imagine when you serve your food to your guest and it comes with a funny smell like you just get out from swimming pool. You cook your special dishes  to impress the one you love, instead he or she is annoyed by the extra odor from the dishes. When you pour the tap water into a clear glass,  you notice the tap water is not as clear as it supposed to be but you just can’t tell what is the impurities that make it look tainted. If you were to drink the water, it tastes some kind of chemical or rotten stuff. </p>
<p>Those who have the above experiences would truly understand to what extend  the quality of water can seriously affect the taste of foods and drinks, but there are much more important factor that you should look into. As we should know, public water supply contain chemicals like chlorine which has been widely used   as disinfectant  to prevent algae and other organic growth in the swimming pool, and also caused those who have skin allergy problems and asthmatic  diseases to worsen off. If you are a health practitioner like me, the quality of water is extremely important in determining the level of your commitment and sensitivity towards the actual health aspect. You can prepare and eat only the healthiest foods ever, but do you know the processes in preparing the foods are equally important as the food’s ingredients? </p>
<p>When you get your foods to the kitchen, you need to wash or soak it, and you add water into it during your cooking stage, the plate you going to serve the foods on was washed by using water, during or after the meals, you are going to drink water…….and basically our daily foods and drinks can’t do without clean water and it evolve around the kitchen sink. Hence, getting one sink water filter which is able to get rid of the odor and  improve the taste of your cooking, elevate your health status by removing harmful synthetic chemicals in the water, is almost a miracle life.</p>
<p>A good under sink water filter must be able to take out lead, chlorine, VOCs, MTBE and chlorine resistant parasites/cysts as well. Preferably come with dual filter system comprises of carbon filtration, ion  exchange and sub micron filtration to produce truly healthy,  great-tasting water conveniently from your kitchen tap. If you were to buy a sink water filter with X amount of money and spend an equivalent or more to remodel your kitchen cabinet for the sink water filter installation, that would be a disastrous under sink water filter package. A good sink water filter must besides able to produce the clean and healthy water, be easy to install and cost effectively providing a accessories to fit into most kind of kitchen sink design. The cartridges must be readily available in the market and easy to replace without having to resort to professional plumbers. The sink water filter cartridges should not be too costly to replace which render it not worth while to install one. Besides  conveniently able to get clean and healthy water by installing the under sink water filter, we should always look at the health beneficial aspect one sink water filter can bring to our family. The use of sink water filter also benefits the earth because you will buy less bottled water and thus reduce the usage of plastic containers.</p>
<p>The sink water filter is unlike RO water system where a storage tank is needed to store the RO water, and sink water filter do not waste much water like RO water system as well. Comparatively, <a href=””>sink water filter system</a> is much more compact than others and you can choose to install it under the sink or on counter top. Make sure your under sink water filter is equipped with the switch over feature which allow you to interchange between filtered and unfiltered out put of water. One touch switching will be more favorable than a cumbersome multiple switch over system. Beware of uncertified or claimed to be certified manufacturer of this sink water filter; it has got be tested by an impartial qualified third party and not some unknown self-claimed related agency. </p>
<p>With this <a href=””>sink water filter</a>, you are not only able to enjoy good tasty foods and beverages, but are assured of a clean bill of health.</p>
<p>Alvyn Khoo is a health researcher on water purification issues. He helped 2 teams of people promoting home water purifier from 2 reputable companies in Asia but later decided to stay independent and neutral on his patient in home water purifiers system. Visit his site now at <a href=””></a> to get the facts on how to choose the best water purification system. <br />

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Drinking Water Filter System, Water Filter System

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

Why do you need a drinking water filter system in your home?  The main reason is your health may be at risk.  The right water filter system can protect your home drinking water from contaminants such as bacteria, chemicals, chlorine and other potentially dangerous things.

Water is Vital to Life and Good Health

Your body is 70% fluid and you lose bodily fluids daily.  The best way to replace them is by drinking water. But the water must be safe, clean and pure.  Tap water is potentially harmful.   An in-home drinking water filter system can turn your tap water back into something that you enjoy drinking.

Is Your Water Safe or Contaminated?

When you find out what is lurking in your water, you may not want to drink it. A lot of  people do not realize what they are drinking, and thus continue to use tap water. Many of the most harmful contaminants are hard to detect because they are without odor or color.  We want you to know why a water filter system for your home is so important.

Chlorine – The Good and The Bad

Tap water that comes into your home has chlorine in it put there by the public water system. It is good that they put it there.  It kills bacteria that cause cholera.

However, chlorine is not good for your body.  It should be removed before you drink.  You should look for a drinking water filter system that is certified to remove at least 99% of the chlorine.  There are several on the market.  I found that a website that has an excellent water filter.  I will talk more about it in a moment.

So why is chlorine not good at all times? In the shower it causes dry skin.  Some people are allergic to it.   But the worst thing is that there is a relationship between chlorine in our water supply and cancer. Several scientific studies have revealed the connection.  People with chlorinated water have an increased risk of cancer.  A chemical and chlorine blocking  water filter  can reduce your risks.

Other Water Contaminants

Being a country of consumers, all that we use on the land will sooner or later end up in the water supply.  Pesticides, herbicides, gasoline additives and a thousand other chemicals have been found in drinking water and all of them can cause cancer.  You may think that the public drinking water filter system takes care of these things, but the facilities were not designed to handle these issues.

The public drinking water system in many areas is outdated.  It  uses old technology that does nothing to filter out chemicals.  The latest technology has gone into the best home  water filter system, so that it can remove chemical contaminants.  If you look for product performance data that certifies removal of VOCs, THMs, benzene, alachlor, atrazine, lindane, TCE and MTBE, you’ll be safe. 

The right drinking water filter is one that balances mineral content and pH level.  Distillers and reverse osmosis are old technologies that block minerals, leaving the water with an acidic pH. 

Most reverse osmosis will not remove chemicals, like chlorine unless it has a carbon filter.  Distillers will leave you with a dry powder that is chemical in nature.  With the latest technology, you are left with nothing but pure healthy water. 

Best Choice for the Home

No home water filter system will not protect you from all of the diseases that are out there.  But, it can protect you from all water borne diseases.  Some bacterial contaminants are resistant to chlorine disinfection. 

Those who specialize in water filters call those bacteria,  cysts. This is  in reference to the oocyst or spore stage.  If they get inside the human body, they can grow, causing illness and even death.  In order to protect your family from them, you need a drinking water filter system that removes cysts.  It should be listed on the performance data sheets.  Look for it.   For more information please see my website.  – Larry L. Taylor

Larry L. Taylor