10 Things to Do and 10 Places to Go to for Healthy Living in Houston, Texas

Good health is something you could get from a wide variety of options. You may end up going to the gym and pay membership fees to avail of discounts for regular visits. You may also spend a weekend with your friends and family in other sports activity centers. You may also want to find a nice place to relax to filter and get rid of stress. While you are in Houston, you have the following healthy places to go to.

1. Bear Creek Park and Soccer Complex. This place is set on a 7,600-acre ground. You may experience all the fun offered in the place together with your peers. Aside from its soccer complex, you could also find biking and hiking trails, tennis courts and picnic facilities. Baseball and softball lovers could enjoy the place as well.

2. Urban Jungle Self Defense. This studio caters to all ages with martial art lessons as their priority. This is a place which could offer you a turnaround from an overweight image to a healthier and fitter look. You may also experience their services online.

3. Heron Lakes Golf Course. This is one of the most ideal spots for golf enthusiasts. Whether you are an amateur or a pro, you will like this place. While enjoying your favorite sports, you will definitely get a good view of the Heron Lakes in Houston.

4. Southside Skate Park. This is your ideal place for your skating needs. Whether or not you have experienced skating yourselves, you will get help from their staff. They will help you boost your desire of keeping yourself fit through this sport.

5. Mz Water Ski and Wakeboard. Wakeboarding is gaining popularity these days. A lot of individuals have been dying to experience it. While in Houston, you could get a taste of it yourselves. Coupled with ski options and other water sports, you will surely get a new profound definition for health and wellness.

6. Bayou City Outdoors. This place gives pride for Houston in terms of the wide array of activities they offer. Primarily made for biking activities between family members and friends, you may also hike around the area.

7. Kidventure’s Safari Overnight Camp. Camping activities certainly offers a good start for being healthy. You get to cook your own food the way you want. You may also experience, fishing and other outdoor activity with a lot of friends.

8. Camp Coyote. This spot lives the tradition of providing great sports events for both locals and tourists. It has swimming pools and tennis courts which you could utilize for your activities. You could also do fishing. You will tremendously get a different, all-natural high while you enjoy the sceneries around the camp.

9. Houston Leisure RV Resort. Just like Camp Coyote, Houston Leisure RV Resort boasts of the various activities you could have while in the place. It has swimming pools and camping trails which could help you maximize your time while getting yourself on a healthy pleasure.

10. Minute Maid Park. This place is a good spot for baseball and other outdoor activities. A walk-up tour is also conducted daily thus making you exercise those feet.

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  1. all woman pure predator Says:

    where can i find healthy box turtles?
    i’m looking for a box turtle one that just likes land and water, but i don’t want to purchase one and i’m not sure if it’s legal to have turtles here in the state of texas and i am just wondering how can i find one crossing the road? it is really hard for me to find one i see about ten turtles in the river that is just up from my house no one can go down there or fish in it. but it is just hard for me to find one. my dad is too chicken to get me a turtle out of the streams because we saw a water moccasin down there too. and those were water turtles i don’t really want one that’ll just be in water all the time. i want one that i can take out and play with and feed it different things. that’s what i want. or if anyone lives in houston texas i would like to know how long you have lived here and i want to know if you know some places that carries box turtles or land turtles besides expensive petsmart and other expensive petstores. i need to know a shelter or something.
    thanks!!!! a whole BUNCH!!!

  2. Gezo Says:

    Usually in a box.
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  3. Chandler Says:

    pet store. you should buy a turtle and learn about there care from an associate at the pet store. dont go get a wild caught one thats why we have reptile breeding programs set up in america and other countries!
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  4. Method Says:

    Ok look I will say that you should just go buy an ornat box turle from a petstore however I’ve been where you are and I always did the opposite and caught wild reptiles. Honestly people on here don’t know what they’re talking about, well half or so don’t the other portion give excellent advice! So anyways Ornate box turtles have better coloring. However make sure you do proper research please I have multiple wild caught box turtles as well as purchased ornates. And these turtles do’t spend 50/50 land water! Most the time they are on land and aren’t that decent of swimmers so I just have a cat litter pan and dug a whole in the ground and placed my pan in there to make a small pond which they will soak/bask in every now and then. And before people say Im wrong for having wild caught box turts I only keep ones that are injured -missing limbs, cracked shells, hit and run victims from ignorant rednecks and etc. Just look around in wooded areas closer to a water source. I find them all the time under decaying logs and under tall patches of grass just whereever they can rest and stay away from predators. Hopes this helps and good luck!
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    Multiple turtle owner

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