Discover the Disturbing Truth About Drinking Water Stations

Let’s face it, if your office or workplace has drinking water stations it must be totally safe, right? Well, maybe not actually.


 Many of these systems contain contaminated drinking water as they are sometimes hooked right up the buildings plumbing supply. And it is very unusual to have a high quality, state of the art system; they usually just have basic filters for chlorine.


The dangers of our drinking water stations and tap water are very serious. It is now known that there are over 2000 toxins in our water than can lead to cancer. In another test, 27 out of 29 cities water was found to contain 2 or more pesticides.


In today’s advanced world, with its many and dangerous chemicals, it is more urgent than ever that we protect ourselves against contaminated drinking water.


You also have to include chlorine in that as it is a toxic substance itself, even though it is used to “clean” our water. The level of chlorine has been found to be higher than that permitted for swimming pools! I’m not joking here, unfortunately.


One step is to ask the person responsible for your drinking water stations to provide you with the exact details of its filtering system, if it has any. If you are not satisfied, I would bring in my own water, no question.


It is a shame when we all know the amazing healing power of water, and are encouraged to drink more and more, that the quality is deteriorating.


The best alternative to drinking water stations, and to avoid contaminated drinking water, is to get a good quality home filtration system. Then you can have peace of mind and bottle your own water, without spending a fortune on buying it in the store.


 Bottled water, in most instances, has been found to be just as potentially harmful as tap water, and has little or no regulation. In addition, here in the US, we throw away around 60,000,000 plastic bottles a day! Believe it, we don’t want to add to that figure.


Good quality systems normally employ a multi stage process, using activated carbon block or granular carbon filters, unlike those drinking water stations.  Avoid reverse osmosis systems however, as they take out vital minerals that we need to stay healthy.


Today’s home drinking water filters come in a range of whole house systems, point of use and even shower filters, just choose the one that most fits your needs.


Believe me, once you get one, you’ll realize just how good water can taste and have the peace of mind knowing that it’s also safe and pure.

Ray Hamilton

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