Rest Assured With Your Own Tap Water Filter

Tap Water has become dangerous today — this is the result of the numerous studies done by governmental and press agencies recently because of drugs in major cities public water supplies. Drugs present include radiation or chemotherapy prescriptions, sex hormones, painkillers, antibiotics and others. The best defense is to install your own tap Water Purifier or tap Water Filter system.

There are 41 million Americans who are drinking tap water that was found to contain drugs. Many of them don’t even know it. That was just from the sampling taken in the studies. Groundwater and well sources could be contaminated as more livestock steroids and pesticides are used in farming operations. Shampoos, soap and cleaning products are washing down into all the drains and many leftover prescriptions get flushed down the toilets.
Studies have shown evolutionary changes in fish and wildlife over the past several years; yet, no actions have been taken to remove drugs in the public water supplies (recycling sewage treatment water.) With the antibiotics in the public water supplies, it is feared that new strains of bacteria will become super viruses that are immune to the present antibiotics. By installing a home water filtration system or tap water filter or purifier, you can make sure your family is safe from contaminants.
You may think bottled water is safe but think again. Ask the people in New York. In fact, a new brand of bottled water prides itself on the novelty of being tap water from the large city. But New York’s water supply contained antibiotics, heart medicine, estrogen, tranquilizers and mood stabilizers. Bottled water is not regulated and may come from taps. There is no guarantee those taps have a tap water filter or any kind of tap water purifier when bottled water is made.
There are no treatment plants for removing drugs from public water supplies that are recycling sewage treatment water. Home water filtration systems like a reverse osmosis system or tap water purifier are a safe way to remove the drugs from their home drinking water, according to the EPA. There is no way to purify drugs in the public water supplies at this time, as it would be too costly.
There are tap water filter systems that attach to your faucet, tap water purifier filters that attach to drinking bottles, where you can make your own bottled water.  These are safe methods for removal of drugs in tap water. People are installing whole-house water filtration systems that purify water for showers and hand and clothing washing.
In conclusion, the only way your drinking water will be safe from drugs, chemicals and contaminants is by installing your own tap water filter or tap water purifier. They are very affordable and there is expert help available to consult you on your needs.


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