The Myths of Drinking Water Treatment Exposed- Discover the Truth Here

What if I told you that the water that comes out of your tap is potentially harmful? Can’t be right you say, we have laws, standards and the water companies to look after us.  Well the truth is that our current drinking water treatment does not get rid of many harmful contaminants.


In fact, a recent study shows that there are over two thousand toxins present in our tap water.  Herbicides and pesticides are also present in many samples showing just how bad drinking water contamination has become.


 In the early 1900s, before the introduction chlorine, pesticides, herbicides and the tens of thousands of other chemicals that we are exposed to every day, the average American had a 1 in 50 chance of getting cancer, today one out of three people can expect to get cancer in their lifetime, despite our drinking water treatment.


We must realize that in these industrial times everything that goes down the drain, on the fields and waste from industry will eventually end up in the water we drink, resulting in drinking water contamination.


The water companies rely on chlorine to kill most of the bacteria, and yes this has proved effective in getting rid of cholera and other diseases, but it is itself a toxin!


They use it as it is the cheapest way; only a small percentage of the water we use is for drinking purposes, so it doesn’t make financial sense to make it totally pure for drinking water treatment purposes.


I could go on and on with more shocking facts about are water, but you get the picture. Just do a little research yourself and you will discover that this is just the tip of the iceberg.


Water is the source of great health to us and we should all drink more, but we have to take responsibility to protect ourselves and our children, who are even more susceptible to drinking water contamination. Remember there is no new water, our planet reuses the same water over and over.


As a result we must carry out our own drinking water treatment, if you like, in our homes. There are now many great options on the market today, whether it be a whole house or point of use system.


My only advice is to stay away from the reverse osmosis systems as they take out the essential minerals we need to stay healthy. Look for a good dual or twin filter system that can get rid of around 99% of all contaminants. The good ones tend to use an active carbon filter as well.


Make no mistake about it, these are very serious threats to our health and we need to take action fast to ensure that we don’t become the next victim of our poor drinking water treatment.


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Ray Hamilton

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