Why a Water Filtration System?

A home water filtration system has become a practical necessity. Our tap water is contaminated with chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Regulations regarding bottled water are lacking and the plastic is bad for the environment.

For your health, the health of your family and that of the planet, a good in-home water filtration system is the only answer. Any system is probably better than no system at all, but as with anything else, some of them do a better job than others. If you are looking for a new system, here’s what you should be looking for.

Activated Carbon

Activated carbon filters remove chlorine and other chemicals from tap water. It’s like the water filtration system that you use in your fish tank. It keeps the fish healthy, because it removes impurities. It’s kind of funny to think that people are drinking water that could kill a fish.

Chlorine is a disinfectant. The water treatment facilities have to use it to kill bacteria, algae and other living things that inhabit the pipes. Should we be drinking it?

First of all, it tastes bad. Second, it smells bad. Depending on where you live, your bathroom may smell like an indoor swimming pool.

Third, it dries your skin and damages your hair. While most people only think they need a water filtration system for their drinking water, inhaling the fumes from the shower may be even worse for your health than drinking it.

Studies have shown that kids with asthma who swim in indoor swimming pools have more attacks than kids that don’t. Scientists are sure that chlorine fumes are the cause. The EPA allows the chlorine content in drinking water to exceed that found in swimming pools.

So, you shouldn’t drink it, you shouldn’t breathe the fumes and you shouldn’t really shower in it. The only way to get rid of it is with a water filtration system that uses activated carbon. You can get them for the kitchen, the shower or the whole house.

Ion Exchange

Minerals in water are important for our health. But, sometimes there is too much of one mineral, like calcium or copper and not enough of other minerals, like potassium. Ion exchange balances the mineral content, making the water softer and healthier to drink.

Some systems remove all of the minerals from the water, reverse osmosis for example. Some systems use only ion exchange, but that does nothing to remove chemicals. You really need both ion exchange and an activated carbon water filtration system for the healthiest, best tasting drinking water.

Micron Filtration

Micron filtration involves removing microscopic particles from the water. They may be chemical or organic.

For example, a micron water filtration system will remove the living organism known as acanthamoeba, microscopic in size, it is commonly found in fresh water. It can cause infections in cuts and scrapes and other bacteria can live and replicate inside of it. MRSA bacteria, which are resistant to most antibiotics, have been found growing in the acanthamoeba.

All of the Above

For the cleanest, purest, best tasting drinking water, you want a home water filtration system that combines activated carbon filters with ion exchange and micron filtration. Simply put, it’s the safest choice.

Laurel Tevolitz

3 Responses to “Why a Water Filtration System?”

  1. rgodfrey3 Says:

    Why would water back up into my washer while my water filtration system is rejuvinating?
    The water system guy increased the pump presure of my well a couple weeks ago stating that my water filtration system was not working properly since pump was set at 20/40 psi? He increased it to 40/60 psi. Now when the water filtration system rejuvenates, water backs up into my washer tub. I am also on a septic too but this is clear water and does not smell, nor did this happen prior to him changing this dial on my well pump. What is wrong here? I have been in this house for 10 years plus had the water filtration system for 9 years. He has been the same water guy who has been to my house each year to change my filters the whole time. But since I have a high content of iron in my water, he has to rebuild the heads on my filtration system each year. He said increasing the pressure of my well pump would stop this problem. Now I have a new one and he is saying it’s my septic. Someone please help?

  2. nellygalal Says:

    From my experiences with my washer …the return of water is usually due to weakness of the machine valve (it is the part that controls the return of water into the washer) .. I usually need to change it every two or three years for the same problem ….
    References :
    my experience……..

  3. rvsreno Says:

    when was the last time your holding tank was cleaned?
    not that i think that is the problem if it was everything would be backing up or you would have a new pond forming on your lawn.
    as for the real problem, is this water system self cleaning
    r’s has an auto cycle that backwashes the system maybe it’s just not draining properly (at first i thought it was screwed till i found out it was made that way)
    References :

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